Higher Absorption

The process of Absorption with Super Health Sprays occurs when nutrients or other molecules are taken up into the capillaries and veins that line the mouth. To do this, the nutrient molecules must cross the buccal membrane, which lines the inside of the mouth. Once across this membrane the nutrient enters the blood vessels, which drain into the jugular vein and from there they enter the systemic circulation, which distributes blood, and the nutrients it is carrying, throughout the body. This is a rapid process, taking place in the space of a few seconds.

Oral transmucosal delivery (especially buccal and sublingual absorption) is an interesting and simple concept with massive repercussions throughout the health industry. Drug delivery is a highly active research field and in the next few years we can expect more and more drugs to be developed for delivery by buccal absorption. The main key factor is that transmucosal delivery allows the bypass of significant barriers imposed for the peroral administration of drugs, such as hepatic first pass metabolism and drug degradation within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

As the spray delivers the dose in fine particulates or droplets, the lag time for the drug to be available for the site of the absorption is reduced.

Case Study: Insulin

Pharmacokinetic studies of buccal insulin spray in patients with Type I diabetes revealed that insulin, delivered through a novel insulin buccal spray, easily passed through the buccal mucosa. It proved that administration of insulin in spray form can be an effective therapeutic alternative to current medication systems for treating diabetes (references 1- 2).

Case Study: Nitroglycerin

Nitroglycerin is perhaps the best-known example. In fact, the only way that nitroglycerin is administered is by “oral absorption.” (The first recognition of the ability of a substance to cross the oral mucosa was reported by Braunton in his Gaulstonian Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in 1877.) In addition to nitroglycerin, there are numerous other drugs and vitamins that have been shown to absorb across the buccal membrane. There are literally thousands of published research papers on oral absorption (both buccal and sublingual) of vitamins, minerals and drugs.

Reference: Medical Papers

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Effective Formulation Used in Super Health Sprays

  • All spray solutions have been developed with great care in mind:
  • No artificial flavours or colours added to  their solutions.
  • No sugar, starch, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, salt, or dairy.
  • We use Xylitol (which is known for cavity protection and it is diabetic-safe)
  • The flavors are natural mints or fruits.
  • All products are suitable for vegetarians

Precision of Dosage

Each Super Health Spray gives a precise, metered dose of nutrients with every pump. This ensures that a user receives the correct dose each time.


As analysed by Dr Srinivasan (reference 3) in study referring to tablets, “Good quality is associated with the ability to disintegrate and dissolve”. In the case of our spray vitamins the active components are already in solution or suspension; in other words, the nutrient is already dissolved and just waiting to be absorbed into your system.
For example,Vitamin D3 is an oil-soluble vitamin therefore it can be a challenge for any producer to develop a truly beneficial formulation. We invested significant time and resources to research a right solution for this problem. As a result, while being a fine mist spray, our products are also an emulsion, meaning that the vitamin is fully mixed with the water base – this again helps the absorption and bioavailability within the body.
The metal container we use protects the liquid from oxidation ( light and air), keeping the ingredients potent and providing a much longer shelf life.


Our sprays contain no fillers, like tablets do. This reduces the chance of an allergic or nauseous reaction to nearly zero.


No need to look for a glass of water to take your tablets with. No more trouble with counting the number of spoonfuls of liquid/powder per cup of water or counting the number of drops under the tongue. Our sprays produced in light metal tubes which easily fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase and deliver a precise dosage of nutrients per spray.



Sublingual & Buccal route

Nutrients in a Super Health spray can be absorbed in both sublingual (placed under the tongue) and buccal (placed inside the cheek) areas where they go through the thin mucous membrane directly into the bloodstream.

Facts about Buccal Mucosa

Mucosa of the buccal cavity was found to be the most convenient and easily accessible site for the delivery of therapeutic agents for both local and systemic delivery.

The mucosa has a rich blood supply and it is relatively permeable.

Blood vessels drain directly into the jugular vein; due to its particular features, it has been of increasing interest to researchers as an alternative site of drug administration.

Direct access to the systemic circulation through the internal jugular vein bypasses drugs from the hepatic first pass metabolism leading to high bioavailability.

The oral cavity is an attractive site for drug delivery due to ease of administration and avoidance of possible drug degradation in gastrointestinal tract and first-pass metabolism.

Studies by Dr Squier and co-workers revealed that the permeability of water through the buccal mucosa was approximately 10 times higher, whilst in floor of the mouth the permeability was approximately 20 times higher than skin.

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Pills: Absorption – Bioavailability

Absorption and bioavailability (how quickly and how much of a drug reaches its target of action) of tablets can be affected by many factors: the way a drug product is manufactured, its physical and chemical properties and the physiologic characteristics of the person taking the drug. However, the following properties of pills hinder absoption the most:

Tablets/capsules includes additives (inactive ingredients: dilutents, stabilizers, disintegrants, lubricants and gelatin). which affect absorption therefore much of their main ingredients are usually eliminated in the feces without being absorbed.

Tablets and capsules are usually coated with a substance intended to prevent it from dissolving intestine. However, they often pass intact in the feces, especially in older people.

Food, other drugs and digestive disorders (e.g. diarrhea) can affect drug absorption and bioavailability – reducing the passage of substances through the digestive tract.

The drug in some pills quickly deteriorates and becomes ineffective or even harmful if stored improperly (they must be stored in a dry, cool or dark place.

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