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Super Health Sprays

  • Super Health Sprays contain the high quality vitamins and minerals from natural sources.
  • Absorption of nutrients takes place via a mouth surface that improves their efficiency as they go directly into your blood stream.

Why Spray?

The special delivery mechanism in Super Health Sprays produces a fine mist enabling rapid and effective absorption of nutrients through the mouth tissues (buccal mucosa) directly to the blood stream. Absorption rate in this way is ten times as high as with pills.

Say 'No' to Pills

Nutrients in tables are quickly degradated by oxygen and light that renders them useless. Tablets are also harder for the body to digest therefore only 10-12% of the nutrients actually make it to the cells and organs). On top, some people cannot swallow tablets and need a better solution.

How can you defend yourself against infections?


The coronaviruses (CoVs ) first caught the attention of researchers in the 1960s – variant strains were isolated from the blood of some patients with a flu. The name reflects the virus’ crown-like shape with multiple spikes of proteins projecting out from the core. The genetic makeup of the coronaviruses prone to frequent mutation. The current coronavirus is classified as SARS-CoV-2.

Antibiotics are useless

Viruses are small intracellular parasites, surrounded by a protective protein coat. They are unable to generate energy therefore for reproduction they infect host cells and turn the latter into virus-producing ‘factories.’ Viruses are different from bacteria. Bacteria are small and single-celled living organisms attacking the body’s cells from the outside and do not depend on the latter to reproduce. Because of these differences, antibiotics are only helpful against bacteria, not viruses.

Improve your immune system defence

Each day your immune system makes a remarkable effort to protect you against infections. As the body ages, so does the immune system. So, sometimes it fails because it gets slower with resolution of inflammation and oxidative damages. Moreover, studies of influenza vaccines have shown that the vaccine is much less effective with senior people. Data suggest that the insufficient intake of most micronutrients causes an impaired immune response in the elderly.

Vitamins you need

Your immune system needs to be regularly nourished in order to properly respond to daily virus attacks. Vitamins  C, D3 and Zinc are particularly vital for your immune system. Some of many trace elements found in Fulvic minerals are also heavily employed in the first line of your immune defence. Deficiency in these nutrients leaves you vulnerable at the time of the COVID 19 rampage.

Our Sprays in the News Media

A Wide Range of Sprays

The patented spray delivery system ensures consistency: the dosage of 55 micro litters per 1 spray mist; 240 sprays per tube. 
 Other products on the market are not emulsifying sprays but simply liquid squirters, mainly in plastic bottles.


Absorption Ratio

Super Health Sprays have closed metal tubes providing an oxygen-free, safe storage: no deterioration of nutrients (caused by light or air). No plastic pollutants get released into solutions. Our sprays are not pressurized.

No gastric degradation – no nutrient is waisted. Super Health sprays offer rapid and effective adsorption (95-98%) of vitamins and minerals through the mouth tissues. Tablets have many extras such a shellac, talc, waxes and colourings that make them hart to digest (their absorption ratio is only 10-12% at best).

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most intriguing vitamin. Its role is diverse: maintaining the nervous system and production of red blood cells to the proper functioning of our vital organs (brains, hearts, livers and kidneys). Vitamin B12 also helps conversion of fats and carbohydrates to energy.

Oral Mucosa

The oral mucosa (a lining in the mouth) provides an effectived way for absorption of vitamins and minerals. In contrast, peroral administration of pills leads to degradation of vitamins prior to their absorption. Super Health Sprays have higher absorption that can be a better option for you.

Vitamin C + Zinc

Zinc is one of the important minerals in our body. It boosts our immune system and is involved in the function of many different enzymes. For example, cell division and wound healing need a lot of Zinc. It also boosts our sex drive. In fact, nothing in your body can grow without this mineral.

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