Super Health Sprays

☆ High quality carefully selected ingredients from natural sources only.
☆ Instant and effective absorption of all nutrients via your mouth surface area.
☆ Tube-containers provide a closed, safe storage: no oxydation or deterioration of nutrients by light or air oxidation.
☆ Nutrients are delivered directly to the blood-stream (i.e. no degradation / dilution of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.
☆ Easy to carry in a pocket and to take at any time: perfect for those who dislike swallowing pills.

Why Spray?

Absorption with Super Health Sprays occurs when nutrients go into the capillaries and veins that line the mouth. The specially designed delivery mechanism produces a fine mist that allows rapid and effective absorption of all nutrients through the mouth tissues (buccal mucosa) directly to the blood stream. Absorption rate in this way is ten times as high as with pills. Our sprays contain no fillers therefore there is no allergic or nauseous reaction. The metal container with a special inner coating protects the sprays’ solutions from oxidation and degradation by air and light.

Say 'No' to Pills

Many people do not take vitamins in tablet forms. Some people have difficulties swallowing (dysphagia); others simply do not like to swallow pills. Vitamins and minerals in tables are harder for the body to digest and absorb. In fact, as low as 10-12% of the nutrients taken in pill form actually make it to the cells and organs. This is because vitamins are easily degradated by oxygen and light therefore many manufacturers of tablets coat products with wax and shellac etc. against oxidation. This prolongs their products’ shelf life but is bad for your health.


Zinc is one of the important minerals in our body. It boosts our immune system and is involved in the function of many different enzymes which maintain our health. For example, cell division and wound healing need a lot of Zinc. It also boosts our sex drive. In fact, nothing in your body can grow without Zinc. However, our body does not store this mineral therefore we should take care of getting enough of it. Zinc deficiency can lead to frequent colds and flu.

Oral Mucosa

The oral mucosa (a lining in the mouth) offers an attractive route of administration for vitamins and some medicine. Having a rich blood supply it is very permeable. By contrast, peroral administration of pills leads to degradation of vitamins prior to their absorption. The chronic rise in Intestinal diseases further complicate administration of pills. Super Health Sprays have higher absorption that can be a better option for you.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most intriguing vitamin and also one of the most complex. It is the largest and most structurally complicated vitamin. Its role in the operations of our bodies is diverse: maintaining the nervous system and production of red blood cells to the proper functioning of our vital organs (brains, hearts, livers and kidneys).Vitamin B12 also helps conversion of fats and carbohydrates to energy.

Super Health Sprays Range

Most Vital Vitamins and Minerals

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